Nicolas Bazan III

General Manager

In Argentina, where Nicolas Bazan III grew up before moving to New Orleans as a teenager, meals have always played a central role in the culture. “Argentinians believe the dinner table keeps the family together,” he says. “A meal in my household was the time to turn off the TV and enjoy each other’s company so everyone could reconnect with each other.”

Bazan, who oversees the front of the house, strives to foster a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere for Little Gem Saloon’s guests. He considers one of his greatest assets towards this end to be his staff. Our well-trained team of waiters and waitresses harmoniously work together, sharing tables and tips, as they advise guests about menu selections.

“I make sure our staff is educated about what we’re serving,” Bazan explains. “Not a day passes where we don’t taste and talk about food and wine.” Bazan takes great pride in what’s offered at the bar and cocktails are culturally relevant and seasonally influenced.

Before joining the team at Little Gem Saloon, Bazan had passed through 15 New Orleans restaurants in a decade’s time. He’s grateful for his myriad experiences, ranging from busser and dishwasher to head waiter and manager, both in casual chain restaurants and fine dining establishments.

“All the different positions I’ve held have given me a wide view of what makes restaurants successful and how all the different jobs fit together,” Bazan explains. He credits these experiences with making him the well-rounded restaurateur he is today.